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Music Event Manager

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In this challenge you are a music event manager and you have some music shows to organize in 2014.

You need to go through your list of bands and check how many bands you have available to each show, based on their style and their free time.

Each band will have:

> one style

> one free period (date range)

Each show will have:

> only one style

> one date.

Input Format

Each input will be a json string with all the bands and shows information. (Ex. {"bands":[{"id":"1","style":"Dance","date_range":"02-05/15-05"}], "shows":[{"id":"1","style":"Dance","date":"06-05"}]})

Output Format

Each output will be a string with the id of the show and the number of bands available to that show (Ex. 1-1,2-0,3-0)

Sample Input

{"bands" : [{"id" : "1", "style" : "Rock", "date_range" : "01-05/15-05"}, {"id" : "2", "style" : "Hip Hop", "date_range" : "05-05/08-05"}], "shows" : [{"id" : "1", "style" : "Rock", "date" : "05-05"}, {"id" : "2", "style" : "Hip Hop", "date" : "01-05"}, {"id" : "3", "style" : "Classic", "date" : "18-05"}]}

Sample Output


Memory Limit

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