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The Crazy Investor

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A new investor from Silicon Valley arrived at the Lisbon Challenge with a crazy idea. He created a secret code to challenge each one of the 30 startups in the Lisbon Challenge and he will only invest in the first ones that give him the correct secret code.
To win you just need to find out the code for one of the 30 startups in Lisbon Challenge.
The names of the 30 startups are:

To get the code you need to join the row number (Rn) and column number (Cn) of all the letters/numbers that belong to the startup name, by order and ignoring the spaces in the name. This way, the resulting code will be equal to the Rn and Cn by order like Rn1Cn1Rn2Cn2Rn3Cn3...
The soup letter will be dynamic and will always be a 6x6 matrix with one of each letter in the alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9. The next image is an example of a possible soup letter.

For instance, with this soup letter, for Skilleo to get the investment you need to return the following code 53366643431612. But for Wazza to get the investment the code would have to be 5122242422.

Input Format
The input is a string of the characters that form a soup letter. For example: NO70JE3A4Z28X1GBQKFYLPDVWCSHUTM65R9I
The characters are ordered by row from left to right so NO70JE is the first row, 3A4Z28 is the second and so on.

Output Format
The output must be a string with the startup code.

Sample Input
Sample Output

Memory Limit

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