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Test Developers

Use Code Challenges for developers to prove their coding knowledge.


Code Challenges
Let Developers Prove How Good They Are.

Challenge developers to prove their coding skills with online coding challenges. You will have access to each submission and see who really have the skills you need.

Skilleo Code Languages
Skilleo Code Challenges

Developers With Proven Coding Skills.
In One Place Only.

Access peer­-reviewed profiles with detailed information based on their skills level, professional experience, education, location, projects and even view activity on Stack Overflow and Github.

Skilleo Code Challenges

Get detailed reporting on how a
candidate did.

As soon as a candidate finishes his challenge, you will get a detailed report on how he did.

Skilleo Code Challenges

Know how developers rank against
all others.

In the dashboard you can see how developers rank against other developers that did the same code callenge. This can be with the ones that did the Challenge via your company but also against everyone that did the same challenge.

Skilleo Code Challenges

"Recently, we wanted to hire a front-end developer and we needed something that could save us time,
improve our candidate's management process and allow us to test their skills.
Turns out Skilleo does all of that! It just works!"

Rui Santos Couto, CEO at Musicverb

"Skilleo is a quality tool, in fact I never saw anything of its kind, in a recruitment website.
You are light years ahead of (competitor's name)"

Rui Sales, CEO at Media Corp

"I was very surprised with the response rate by the developers to our Code Challenges,
in such a small amount of time after their release."

Fernando Almeida, Coordinator Professor & IT Consultant at ISPGaya

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