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How does Skilleo work?

For IT Candidates

Stop job hunting as a full-time job.

Code Challenges

Show how good you are, while competing with your friends and other developers, as a community.

Learn New Skills

Grow your knowledge by learning new development skills, so you can always be up-to-date.

Be Recognized

Build your profile and show off your progress with points and badges

IT Jobs Inside

Apply for our IT jobs and get feedback about your performance.

For Companies

Say goodbye to 100 not suitable candidates,
say hello to 10 ideal ones.

Great Talent Pool of Developers

Thousand of developers looking for a great challenge and ready to prove how skillful they are.

Test Skills & Personalities

Place technical and personality quizzes to know if your job applicants have the skills you are looking for.

Keywords to Sort Candidates By Relevancy

Filter the best job applicants by relevant keywords and Skilleo will sort them for you.

Manage Everything in One Place

Manage job positions and job applicants in one place only, in a easy to use dashboard.


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Recently, we wanted to hire a front-end developer and we needed something that could save us time, improve our candidate's management process and allow us to test their skills.
Turns out Skilleo does all of that! It just works!
Rui Santos Couto
CEO at
Skilleo is a quality tool, in fact I never saw anything of its kind, in a recruitment website.
You are light years ahead of (competitor's name)
Rui Sales
CEO at

And the best part is that it's



And the best part is that it's