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  • About Me

    I remember the first time I played with a computer, it was an Amiga 500 and I was 6 years old. Soon I began to code small commands in it and not so later I was taking computer pieces apart, just to know how a computer worked.

    During my teen ages, motivated by curiosity, I've mastered several computer softwares, fixed/assembled computers for fun...and coded a few websites. While I was studying in the University, demotivated by the wasted time learning useless things, I decided to self-study and focus in what I loved to do...Web/Software Programming!

    Since then, I have worked as a web developer in some great companies, currently at Bunker Studios, and I have proudly co-founded and developed Skilleo: an online service which helps companies to get the talent they always wanted and, at the same time, it gives to talented individuals the ability to show, test and share their skills level.

  • Professional Experience
    Software Developer
    Bunker Studios
    • Location: -
    • Date: Feb 2013 to current day
    • Career Level: -
    • Type of contract: -
    • Front-end, back-end and database development for SAAS.

    • Location: Porto, Portugal
    • Date: Feb 2012 to current day
    • Career Level: -
    • Type of contract: Full-Time
    • Co-Founder at Skilleo, the easiest, precise and proven way for companies to find the best talent and, at the same time, helps job candidates to receive feedback, keep track of their job applications and understand what skills are companies looking for.

      We believe in ending the gap between the skills that companies require and the skills that candidates believe are suitable now a days. We provide companies a way to receive only the candidate that suits the right profile, with the proved and necessary skills. We offer to job candidates the possibility to create their personal value proposition when applying to a job, we allow skilled individuals to show how great they are in terms of soft and hard skills and finally, we provide feedback from companies to candidates, about their proposal.

      It's our mission to get job candidates and companies share the same level of interest and a common ground, related with skills and recruitment.

    Web Developer
    • Location: -
    • Date: Feb 2012 to Feb 2013
    • Career Level: -
    • Type of contract: -

    Web Developer & Designer
    Iberian Golf Tour
    • Location: -
    • Date: Oct 2011 to Sep 2012
    • Career Level: -
    • Type of contract: -
    • Company Website Development
      Development of Partners Websites
      Image and Communication Manager

  • Academic Experience
    Electrical And Electronics Engineering
    University Of The Algarve
    • Date: Jan 2005 to Jan 2011
    • Education Level: -
    • Grade: -

    Sciences And Technologies
    Escola Secundária De Pinheiro E Rosa
    • Date: Jan 2002 to Jan 2005
    • Education Level: -
    • Grade: -

  • Certifications & Extra-courses
    Software as a Service (BerkeleyX)


    Advanced Software as a Service (BerkeleyX)


  • Projects
    Aurora LED Balcony

    Development of a LED balcony to be used in pubs. Project development involved components identification, electronics circuit design, microcontroller programming, parts assembly and computer software development.


  • Awards & Achivements
    Leo of the Year 2010-2011

    Award given by Lions Clubs International to the top 10 Leos in the World in recognition of outstanding leadership, humanitarian service, contributions to the Leo Club Program, community involvement and personal integrity.

    • CSS
    • Works well in a team
    • Web Development
    • Zurb Foundation
    • Yii
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Compass
    • Susy Grid
    • Scss
    • Mac OS
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    ...and more 26 skills
    • Portuguese
    • English